A Mid-Summer’s Photoblog

A Mid-Summer’s Photoblog

It’s been nearly two months since my last big kiln load, and while I’ve managed to stay quite busy, absolutely none of that energy seems to have made its way towards updating this blog. In the interest of catching up and getting back on track, I present: the summer in photos (so far)!

May: A New & Ornery Product

After focusing primarily on necklace design, I decided to move into the ring game. This design has proven especially difficult to produce. The thin, delicate band, high shrink rate, and rapid air drying are among the challenges. The fragile nature of these pieces, along with health and safety concerns, did inspire me to transition from dry-sanding to wet-forming with fine sponges. Here you can see several different designs in a range of levels of finish:

May: A Brief Detour Into Collage

This spring proved to be a very fruitful season for engagements in my social circle. Various social media feeds rife with ring pics got me thinking about the geometry of faceted stones. Here I’m having fun with a classic round cut design. I planned on experimenting with an asscher cut design next, but decided to hold that thought, and focus on the matter at hand: my stockpile of ceramic jewelry components that sits unfinished.

June: Metal Work Tutoring, Organization, and Mass-Purchasing

In anticipation of constructing the metal components for my ceramic jewelry designs, I went in for a tutoring session with Peter Solomon at Precious Metal Arts. I spent the bulk of my session refining my design concepts, and practicing various metal cutting and piercing techniques. It was tremendously informative, and inspired me to go out and buy a whole host of new toys and materials, and eventually, a standard, 37″ metal working bench. Next up, I plan on doing a ton of assembly-line style cutting and filing work at home, and then returning to Precious Metal Arts for an additional tutoring session to solder and finish the pieces.

July: Home Improvement Distraction

In an ongoing effort to redecorate (and by redecorate, I really mean decorate at all) my home, I decided to upcycle a cheesy Ikea bookshelf I already own. I think these vintage claw foot legs are just what the doctor ordered. That, and yellow – bright yellow!

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